airbobo protective school bag

/ Cleaning methods /

Tools: Soft brush, toothbrush, neutral detergent, a piece of dry and wet cloth each, vacuum cleaner.

Step 1. First brush off the dust and dirt on the surface of school bag.

Step 2. Moisten the toothbrush with neutral detergent and brush off the dirt that cannot be removed by a soft brush.

Step 3. First rub the locations that had been brushed by the toothbrush with a damp cloth, then wipe the locations with a dry cloth.

Step 4. After cleaning the school bag interior with a vacuum cleaner, hang it in a well-ventilated place.

<Precautions to prolong the service life of school bag while cleaning>

◎ Do not use water-soak washing method but just clean the partial dirty locations.

◎ Do not wash with a washing machine or scrub with a laundry brush.

◎ Do not use any drying equipment, such as an electric iron or dryer.

◎ Do not use bleaching agent and fabric softener to avoid damaging the water repellent feature of product surface.

/ Product Warranty /

1. Period of warranty : Materials and workmanship of the product are covered by warranty for one year from the date of purchase.

2. Scope of warranty: A product with a defect on arrival or a defect generating from shipping process or is damaged by any non-manmade factor is replaced by a new product free of charge within 7 days. For any malfunction caused under normal use by a customer, the company is responsible for repair if the malfunction is verified to be triggered by an internal defect of the product.

3. Exclusion of Warranty :

A. Normal wear and tear (e.g.: wear and tear on the surface, ageing of parts / environmentally friendly materials, etc.)

B. Damage due to improper use or manmade destruction (e.g.: damage to the appearance or on the surface of the air cushion, a damaged/broken zipper, mildew, snagging, cut, etc.)

C. Damage due to being stored in a place with excessive moisture, immersed in water, or exposed to extreme temperatures, dissolvent, acid, water, fire, etc.

D. Malfunction or damage incurred after the expiration of warranty

E. Damage caused by manmade factors, including but not limited to any accident or negligence during artificial treatment, improper use or installation, alteration or disassembly of parts, or natural disasters (such as force majeure, including act of God, floods and earthquake)

F. Parts undamaged to be replaced

G. Cleaning

4. Warranty service is provided only for a customer who has presented a warranty card where a specific seal of warranty is affixed and the date of purchase is indicated.

5. Not all parts identical to, or available for replacement of, the damaged parts are available. (Substitutes may be used.)

6. The company reserves the rights to determine whether the damage to the product is caused by a man-made factor and to request for repair costs.

7. Disclaimer: Except as otherwise specified in the above limited scope of warranty, airbobo has not made any other express or implied warranty to the extent permitted by the law, and expressly denies and excludes any and all implied warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of non-infringement of any third party rights, merchant-ability, fitness for a particular purpose. If the disclaimer for such implied warranties is not permitted by the law, then the period of such implied warranties shall be the period of the limited warranty provided herein. As exclusion from or limitation of implied warranties is not permitted in some jurisdiction, such exclusion or limitation may be inapplicable to you. In addition to the legal rights granted to you under the warranty, you may also have any other rights available in your jurisdiction.

8. Scope of Responsibility: Under any circumstances, airbobo or its supplier shall not be held liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or punitive damage, including but not limited to loss to property, loss to value of the product or a third party product used together with the product, or loss of use of the product or a third party product used together with the product, which may arise in connection with the use of the product, even though airbobo has been informed of the possibility of such damage. airbobo shall not be responsible for any damage or destruction of any items in the product or any personal belongings, including but not limited to laptop computer, tablet computer, smart phone and other devices, or any loss of data saved in any of the above devices. For any and all losses incurred by you for any reason (including but not limited to all losses referred to herein and any and all direct and general damages, infringement (including faults) and other losses contemplated in the contract), the total liability assumed by airbobo and its suppler shall be limited to the amount that you have actually paid for the product. As exclusion from or limitation of incidental and consequential damages is not permitted in some jurisdiction, such exclusion or limitation may be inapplicable to you.