Adjust the backpack properly

The adjustable back straps of airbobo spinal protection schoolbag allow proper adjustment of the bag to help children carry them on their back comfortably.

In addition, the textbooks can be placed in the compartment close to the body's back portion according to sizes and weights, and secured with an elastic band. This helps to effectively stabilize the schoolbag's center of gravity and avoid them from wobbling while walking.

  • Note the weight : The schoolbag's weight should not exceed 1/10 the body weight.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps : Pull down the parachute ring to quickly adjust the height of shoulder straps.
  • Similar height as the shoulders : Adjust the shoulder straps in similar height as the shoulders to allow the spinal protection air cushions to press against the waist tightly.
  • Buckle up the waist belt : Buckle up the waist strap to avoid textbooks from wobbling and effectively dispersing the pressure.
  • Carry the schoolbag properly : Carry the schoolbag properly to enhance learning and growth.