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☼ Exclusive patented air-cushioned schoolbag, lightweight and spinal protection ☼

Are overweight schoolbags a stealth killer of children's scoliosis?!

Based on a statistics conducted by the Ministry of Education to find out the number of elementary and secondary school children in Taiwan suffering from scoliosis, it rose 40% from 5,842 people in 2010 academic year to 8,405 in 2013 academic year. The greater the age, the higher is the proportion. The spinal problems are not restricted to hunchback and back pain alone, but severe scoliosis may also affect bone development and oppressive heart and lung functions. Causes of an increasing number of scoliosis cases, besides the popularity of 3C products, the schoolbags that children carry every day is one thing that cannot be neglected. The crucial points to select good and healthy schoolbags to help children reduce the burden on their shoulders and avoid the impact of bone development due to excessive schoolbag weight are: lightweight and spinal protection models meeting an S-shaped spinal curvature design, and materials meeting anti-mildew and non-toxic requirements.

Schoolbag selection tip 1 - "Lightweight is the keynote"

Based on the Schoolbag Weight Reduction Program promoted by the Ministry of Education, it is suggested that the schoolbag weight (including all carrying items) should be less than 12.5% (i.e. 1/8) of a student's weight. Take a child who weighs 30kg for example, the schoolbag weight should be controlled below 3.7 kg. However, the average weight of general commercial schoolbags is 1.2~1.5kg, accounting 35% of the body weight!

The body structure of airbobo air-cushioned spinal protection schoolbag is a 3D air column to replace the traditional rigid plastic panel, thick and heavy EVA sponge, or multi-layered soft silicone pad. This has significantly reduced the weight to achieve a super lightweight schoolbag that weighs only 745g.

Schoolbag selection tip 2 - "spinal protection, uniform force, body-hugging back curvature design"

The children's spine is essential for growth as it plays an important role to maintain a specific curvature from the cervical vertebra to the thoracic vertebra and lumber vertebra. A double S-shaped back curvature design is adopted by airbobo air-cushioned spinal protection schoolbag, featuring an array of air cushions in different sizes to suit the children's ergonomic curvature of the spine. The vertically-aligned air cushions will support the waist in accordance with the spinal curvature and buffer the lateral pressure brought about by the schoolbag; and the cross-sectional direction of the air cushions will form an S-shaped spinal protection structure to buffer and distribute the pressure on the supporting surface evenly towards the muscles on both sides of the spine, thereby achieving spinal protection and healthcare purposes. Such a unique air cushion spinal protection design has been awarded with a Taiwan patent certification and won the 2016 German Red Dot Design Award.

Schoolbag selection tip 3 - "Anti-mildew, non-toxic and free of allergic toxins"

Schoolbags are good partners that the children carry on their back every day. Concern about the children's health, the body fabric of airbobo is made of recycled PET bottle yarns that are tested and certified by Taiwan Textile Research Institute to contain no formaldehyde and plasticizers. With the schoolbag body being filled with air to replace the traditional air pad, it has reduced the generation of allergic factor due to moldy foam. We insist on providing children with good, healthy and eco-friendly schoolbags to help them grow healthily and happily!

The education reform slogan has been making a loud appeal for many years, but the consistent existence of heavy schoolbags on children's shoulders is a pain for all parents. Acknowledging the heavy load on growing children, airbobo has created the patented pressure-reduction air-cushioned spinal protection schoolbag through an exclusive and patented air cushion technology that uses waterproof and moisture permeable material. This has allowed the schoolbag to become lightweight, body-hugging and non-wobbling to favor children in attending school more freely.

Do you know how heavy the schoolbags of elementary school students are? Do you know how to select a good schoolbag?
Let's interview Professor Luo of Chung Shan Medical University to get the answer. 

The children's schoolbags are too heavy! They often exceed 5kg, pressing down the children like "ninja turtles" carrying a heavy tortoise shell. They may even cause scoliosis and skeletal muscle injury, etc. Experts have advised that choosing an ergonomic schoolbag is the only way to protect and enhance the children's spinal health, and reduce the burden to ensure happy growth. 

We should know that a heavy schoolbag and incorrect posture will turn the children into "ninja turtles!" Orthopedic surgeons noted that besides height inhibition caused by hunchback and uncoordinated posture, such problems may also result in habitual sprain or scoliosis!

Professor Luo Shi Zhong of the Department of Occupational Therapy

Experimental comparison done by Chung Shan Medical University:

Under a carrying load of 15%, only the contact area would increase on Japanese schoolbags, airbobo and the general commercial school bags, indicating that the pressure can be evenly distributed and would not generate partial pressure points.

Experimental conclusion: As compared with schoolbags of other brands, airbobo features a smaller interface pressure value, and able to effectively disperse pressure towards both sides of the spinal column.