Selecting a good schoolbag

The most rapid bone growth period of children happens to fall in their most arduous schoolwork time. We are obliged to provide the following information as a reference on how to reduce the pressure on children's shoulders, help children to select a good schoolbag, reduce the children's carrying load, and allow them to have a normal development

1. Weight:

Based on the survey results conducted by national universities on the weight of children's schoolbags as entrusted by the Ministry of Education, it is suggested that the schoolbag weight (including all carrying items) should be less than 12.5% (i.e. 1/8) of a student's weight.

Take a child who weighs 30kg for example, the schoolbag weight should be controlled at less than 3.7 kg.

2. Design:

It is recommended to use a schoolbag with a pair of shoulder straps and features spinal protection function. Only twin shoulder straps are able to exert a uniform force on the shoulders and back, and prevent the muscle ligaments from being getting too tense or injury.

The adjustable shoulder straps will also allow the shoulders to bear a uniform force, and enhance the neck comfort.

3. Material:

The canvas material used in the earlier time tends to get dirty more easily and uneasy to clean. Leather has the shortcoming of being too heavy. PVC material is lighter than the former two materials though, but it is not eco-friendly and uneasy to disperse heat.

Not only is PET bottle recycled yarns used in airbobo spinal protection schoolbag eco-friendly, but the regenerated material will not cause secondary pollution as well. The waterproof and moisture permeable material used on the schoolbag's back and shoulder sections can even disperse moisture outward to avoid and reduce the occurrence of allergies.