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The airbobo air cushion decompression ridge bag is ultra-light, and it is easy to walk on the road without feeling heavy. The inner sandwich, zipper pouch and kettle bag are clearly designed, and the storage and classification of books, homework or stationery are clear and convenient!

The rosy appearance is bright and fresh, and every day I see the mood becomes bling bling and happy!

蔡x娟 媽咪

After rising to the third grade, I found that the weight of Xiaoxiao's schoolbag is getting heavier and heavier, and she is about to crush her. The original one is not tall, which makes me worry because the weight of the schoolbag is too heavy to affect her development, even the side of the spine. The risk of bending, so I began to search for better bags on the Internet, and I saw many people recommend airbobo bags, the most important thing is that it is light enough, only 720g, can protect the child's spine healthy growth, which is exactly what I want. So, I didn't hesitate to book it. Xiaoyan tried to come back one day and asked her how she felt. She said that she felt much better than the previous schoolbag. I want to go to Xiaoyi's sister next year, I will still choose airbobo's schoolbag.

沈x良 爸爸

I like my new school bag, many pockets, big, can hold a lot of books and kettles, the color is very beautiful, my classmates also like my bag! Thank you for the schoolbag to give me this bag. I like it very much!

林x綺 媽咪

This is the 4th bag I bought. The bag in front is not too heavy. It is not comfortable enough to go back. I can see the other person's mother sharing the airbobo bag on the Internet. It is very heart-warming, I bought one and received the goods. Very satisfied, not only very light, but also very good texture, color is also very beautiful, although the price is more expensive than other school bags, but the back of the bag is one or two years, really important to the children, because she has to carry a school bag from school There was a long way to go to the security class. Before the teacher had been reacting that the schoolbag was too heavy, the children were very hard. After buying the schoolbag, the teacher never responded again. I really bought it. Thank you for producing a high-quality schoolbag, AirPlus. Children.

李x娟 媽咪

Before I started school, I bought Airbobo's schoolbags. In fact, Niujie wanted Violet, but we didn't have the time to buy it. Fortunately, I finally bought the Ice and Snow series. It has been more than a month since the school started. Compared with the students, the airbobo is indeed a very light bag. The backboard is very breathable and not sultry. The strap is also designed very well. The child carries a walk or a small run. The back straps will not slip down. The design of the interior compartment bag also makes the textbooks a lot better. It is really the light of Taiwan. The children really like to use them. I don't want to take the children to the company to try the back. The schoolbag is really the right choice. It is. A small suggestion, I hope that in the future, I will be able to produce a special bag rain cover. After all, the occasional thunderstorm will still wet inside. Thank you for designing such a great school bag. 

高x蔚 媽咪

Special lightweight design bag, water-repellent material, so the bottom of the bag is not easy to dirty! The intimate compartment is fixed so that the textbook will not be shaken, and the straps will be widened to increase the comfort and safety of the reflective straps to make the children safe first! My daughter loves his schoolbag~

林x貝 媽咪