Taiwan Excellence Award 2019

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☼ airboboair-cushioned, pressure-reduction and spinal protection schoolbag has won the 2016 German Red Dot Design Award ☼

 Since launching the airbobo air-cushioned, pressure-reduction and spinal protection schoolbag in June 2015, it has been recognized and supported by parents on its patented air cushion technology. Not only does the air-cushioned structural design able to effectively reduce the schoolbag weight, but most importantly, its unique pressure buffering effect can effectively disperse the pressure on shoulders to the waist and back to protect the spinal column. Besides acquiring a Taiwanese invention patent, the unique air cushion design has also won the world-renowned industrial design award - Red Dot Award: Product Design in 2016. As far as airbobo is concerned, it is indeed an utmost affirmation, proving that the air-cushioned structural design and effectiveness has gained international recognition.

 The children's spinal column is essential for growth as it plays an important role to maintain a specific curvature from the cervical vertebra to the thoracic vertebra and lumber vertebra. A double S-shaped back curvature design is adopted by airbobo air-cushioned spinal protection schoolbag, featuring an array of air cushions in different sizes to suit the children's ergonomic curvature of the spine. The vertically-aligned air cushions will support the waist in accordance with the spinal curvature and buffer the lateral pressure brought about by the schoolbag; and the cross-sectional direction of the air cushions will form an S-shaped spinal protection structure to buffer and distribute the pressure on the supporting surface evenly towards the muscles on both sides of the spine, thereby achieving spinal protection and healthcare purposes.

  In addition to the superior performance of airbobo air-cushioned spinal protection schoolbag, its textile layer is made of recycled PET bottle yarns that are free of formaldehyde and plasticizer as certified by Taiwan Textile Research Institute. Meanwhile, air is used as the schoolbag main body to replace the conventional sponge, with the aim to reduce the generation of allergic factor caused by moldy sponge. As schoolbags are a good partner of children, airbobo adheres to offer ideal eco-friendly schoolbags to enhance children's good health and happy growth!

Note (abstract from Wikipedia):

The Red Dot Design Award was established by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany in 1955. Each year, it has attracted more than 10,000 submissions for competition from over 60 countries in the prize categories of product design, communication design and design concept, with the winners being presented in an annual ceremony and the winning products presented in the Red Dot Design Museum.

The Red Dot Design Award, German iF Award, and the US IDEA Award are altogether regarded as the world's three major design awards.